How to Test Your VPN’s Speed and Performance

After connecting to a VPN server, if your connection is lagging or if the site is taking too much time to load, then you know something is wrong with the VPN connection. However, you can test the actual speed of your VPN connection for the best performance.

Can Connect to A VPN Slow-Down Your Internet Speed?

Yes, connecting to a VPN can sometimes slow down your internet connection because when VPN is on your data gets encrypted then it is sent on to a server where it gets decrypted. However, if you connect to a fast VPN connection this will not happen. There are many fast VPNs that are available in the market like PureVPN.

How to Test Your VPN?

There are multiple websites from which you can test your VPN speed and performance but we will recommend trying Speedtest. Here are the steps to check your VPN speed-

  • Connect to the PURE VPN or any of the VPNs mentioned above.
  • Then go to the browser and search for Speedtest.
  • Click on the ‘GO’ button. Then you will get the result depending upon the speed of your connection.
  • For best result, we will recommend closing any other apps running in the background.
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Evaluating The Result By Speedtest.

After the Speedtest is completed you will get three outputs depending upon the speed of the VPN connection: “Download”, “Upload and “Ping”.

Download Speed: This is how fast your device is receiving data from the Internet. The faster your download speed is the smoother you can stream videos or play games online.

Upload Speed: This is how fast your device is sending data and requests to the web. If your upload speed is low then you will encounter buffering while on a video call or a Facebook or Instagram live. If your Uploading Speed is around 30 MBPS then you will not encounter such problems.

Ping: The ping rate is the overall speed of your internet. The lower the Ping rate is the faster your internet connection is.

How to Speed Up Your VPN Connection?

  • You can try connecting to a faster server.
  • Change your protocol settings.
  • Switch to a faster VPN provider like PURE VPN.
  • Use a wired Ethernet Connection.
  • Get rid of all background apps

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Server Should You Connect?

In general, the closer you are to the server, the faster your connection speed. So always try to connect to a server that is near to you. For instance, if you live in India and choose a server in the UK your ping will be high so you will face problems while streaming. Or choose a VPN service that has Unlimited bandwidth like PureVPN.

How to Further Improve Speeds Over the VPN?
Further improve upstream and downstream speeds while connected to the VPN by selecting a different server in the closest city, or by choosing a lighter weight VPN encryption protocol that uses less bandwidth and overhead on connection, like L2TP or PPTP. In most cases, PPTP will be the fastest protocol, making it ideal to use when dealing with less sensitive data. L2TP can also yield similar results in some cases.
Can Your Device Slow Down Your Connection?
A simple and short answer is yes. If you are using a device that is low on ram and low on speed then your connection speed might be affected in some cases. There also can be other reasons for your slow internet connection like if your device has Malware or Viruses in it then your speed is most likely to be affected.

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