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NetNut claims to offer a large pool of residential IP addresses, which can be beneficial for various purposes, including web scraping, ad verification, brand protection, market research, and more. The use of residential IPs can help users bypass certain geo-restrictions and access region-specific content more effectively.

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NetNut provides different types of proxies, including:

Residential Proxies: These proxies use real residential IP addresses, making them appear as if they are regular users accessing the internet from residential locations. They are suitable for various use cases, such as web scraping, data aggregation, ad verification, and market research.

Data Center Proxies: NetNut also offers data center proxies, which use IP addresses from data center servers. These proxies are generally faster and more cost-effective than residential proxies but may not be as effective in bypassing certain restrictions that require real residential IP addresses.

Static Residential Proxies: Unlike regular residential proxies that rotate IP addresses, static residential proxies provide users with dedicated IP addresses. This ensures more reliable connections and can be useful for specific applications that require consistent IP addresses.

Rotating Residential Proxies: These proxies provide users with a pool of residential IP addresses that rotate at regular intervals. This rotation can help avoid detection and ensure anonymity while accessing the web.


NetNut offers four pricing plans:

Rotating Residential Proxies
● 52M+ Auto-Rotating Proxies
● Unlimited Sessions
● Zero IP Blocks, Smooth Web Browsing

Static Residential Proxies
● 1M+ Undetectable Static IPs
● 24/7 Availability
● Forever Website Sessions

Mobile IPs
● 250K+ Mobile IPs From Top Carriers
● Full Online Anonymity & Security
● Bypass Geo Restrictions

Datacenter Proxies
● Blazing-Fast US Proxies
● 99.99% Uptime
● High Scalability for Optimal Performance

How to install and use NetNut:

1. Sign Up:
Visit the NetNut website ( and sign up for an account. You may need to choose a plan based on your needs, and there might be a trial or free account option.

2. Obtain Credentials:
After signing up, you will receive your authentication credentials, such as an API key or username/password combination. These credentials are essential for using NetNut’s proxies.

3. Choose Integration Method: NetNut supports various integration methods, including API, browser extension, and proxy manager. Select the method that best suits your needs.

  • API Integration: If you want to integrate NetNut’s proxies directly into your application or script, you’ll need to use their API. Refer to their API documentation for implementation details.
  • Browser Extension: NetNut may offer a browser extension for popular web browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. This extension allows you to easily enable or disable proxy usage while browsing the web.
  • Proxy Manager: NetNut may provide a proxy manager application that you can download and install. This manager simplifies the process of using proxies for various purposes.

Follow Installation Instructions: Depending on the integration method you chose, follow the installation instructions provided by NetNut. They should provide step-by-step guidance on how to set up and use their proxies effectively.

Test Proxies: Once the installation is complete, you can test the proxies to ensure they are working correctly. You can do this by visiting a website that shows your IP address and confirming that it matches the proxy’s IP address.2

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