9 Best No-Log VPNs for Complete Secure Browsing

Have you ever thought about your private data’s safety when you browse online on extraneous sites? There are many people out there who spy on your every online activity to get hands-on private info. These nosey people can be anyone from central bodies, ISPs, hackers, or cybercriminals. Your data might be sold to third parties to make money or hacked to fiddle with it. Though you can have a completely private and encrypted internet connection and data safety by using a powerful VPN; still your data is vulnerable when those VPNs do not maintain a strict no-log policy. We don’t say that all VPNs will jeopardize your personal or financial information, but some might do it to make quick money (especially new ones in the VPN market) by selling to third parties.

So, before choosing the right VPN for your device, make sure to read their “No-Log” or privacy policy. And make sure that the VPN you are going to use must have an excellent brand name among its users, along with lots of privacy features to channelize your connection via secure and encrypted tunnels. Now, let’s try to understand the no-logging policy of VPNs.

9 Best No-Log VPNs

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1. Express VPN

Express VPN

Today’s Best Express VPN Deals

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Express VPN is a British Virgin Island-based (outside 5/9/14 Eyes Surveillances) VPN that strictly focuses on providing private and secure internet browsing to its users. It never logs any of your activity or connection information. It gets its privacy policy audited by PwC which also checks TrustedServer Technology functions as mentioned in the reports.

Express VPN only collects apps version activated, date of connecting to the VPN, choice of VPN server location, and total data transferred in a day. This information further helps them to troubleshoot technical issues related to apps, offer technical advice on how to use the VPN optimally, and identify and fix network issues.

Features of Express VPN:

  • Ideal port forwarding
  • 256-encryption
  • Compatible with Tor over VPN
  • 3000+ servers in 90+ locations
  • 30-day money-back policy
  • Unblocks Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, etc.

2. Nord VPN

Nord VPN

Today’s Nord VPN Deals

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Nord VPN is usually listed in the top VPNs due to its safe and unrestricted internet browsing. in its privacy policy, it acutely mentions the data it collects to improve its service from the user’s point of view. It collects email addresses, country, payment details, email optimization data, chatbot details, access logs, and other small details.

None of this info is related to your browsing history or personal data; it only helps the service provider to enhance your experience, offer help when needed, and fight unknown attacks by hackers. Nord VPN app works on every common operating system and smart devices.

Features of Nord VPN:

  • Secure and ultra-fast connectivity
  • Unrestricted streaming with strict no logging of personal data
  • Freedom to select from 5400+ servers in 59 countries
  • Kill Switch and Double Protection for data security
  • Availability of P2P servers and Onion Over VPN
  • Blocks ads and malware
  • No data leaks and 24/7 customer support

3. Vypr VPN

Vypr VPN

Today’s Best Vypr VPN Deals

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3 Year’s
1 Year
1 Month

Vypr VPN stands third on our list and is trusted by over 2 million users. Yet again this VPN sticks to its no personal data logging policy and gets its reports audited by an independent firm. It clearly verifies that it doesn’t hoard user data and internet activities. Another benefit of using Vypr VPN is that it owns its servers and hardware, thus no third party can ever access user data.

Features of Vypr VPN:

  • WireGuard protocol for advanced encryption
  • In-built kill switch to protect data in the case of internet issues
  • 600 + servers in 70 + locations
  • Secures 5 connections at a time
  • Access to Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and other top streaming services online
  • Masking IP address, and hiding your VPN with Chameleon
  • 30-day money-back policy

4. Tunnel Bear

tunnel bear

Today’s Best Tunnel Bear Deals

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Tunnel Bear is a recognized VPN and offers equally powerful security features like Express and Nord VPN. Its privacy policy mentions that it does not store Individual Data beyond Canada’s corporeal borderlines. They collect the minimum amount of info (payment details, email, date of use of service, OS, and app version used, and cookies for the short term) needed to execute their services promptly.

TB will never gather info on IP addresses used to visit their site, IP address upon service network, DNS queries, and other browsed data on their server. Also, it pledges not to share any of the user info with third parties. Overall, TB offers the top level of privacy, encryption, and performance to all its users.

Features of Tunnel Bear:

  • Use of closest tunnel for easy security
  • Vigilant mode for disrupted internet connections
  • Always-on VPN
  • Fastest servers in over 23 nations
  • Strong AES-256 encryption
  • Defeat VPN obstructing with GhostBear feature

5. SurfShark


Today’s Best Surfshark VPN Deals

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6 Month’s
1 Year
1 Month

With over 1700 servers in over 63 countries, SurfShark stands upright in offering the best online security. It is compatible with all major smart devices and operating systems. If we talk about the privacy and no-log policy, then the good news is that SurfShark is situated in the British Virgin Islands which is away from 5,9,14 EYES surveillance.

The only info collected by them is an email address, billing info, order history, and general diagnostic report to fix issues. They do not share any kind of information with third parties, though they use their tools to keep the services up and running.

Features of SurfShark:

  • Clean the Web with ads, trackers, phishing attempts, and malware
  • Unlimited device connection with a single plan
  • Whitelist for banking apps
  • More abrupt browsing experience with Camouflage mode, kill switch, private DNS, and leak protection
  • Strong AES-256-GCM encryption and IKEv2/IPsec protocols
  • Verified independent audit with Cure53
  • 24/7 customer support via email, chat, and one-on-one consultations

6. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access

Today’s Best Private Internet Access VPN Deals

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3 Year’s
1 Year
1 Month

PIA is a leading VPN service provider offering encrypted and secure tunnels creating various layers of privacy against the Internet of Things. It represents transparency as a key-value towards building trust with their users. Even after getting several data sharing requests from higher authorities, they never indulge in such trust-breaking activities. For this purpose, they publish a yearly transparency report too.

PIA is determined to provide an anonymous browsing experience even on public Wi-Fi security. It uses WireGuard VPN protocol, split tunneling, and strong encryption to safeguard every inch of the data of its user. With the 12945 worldwide servers in 75 countries is the best option for unblocking censored files.

Features of Private Internet Access:

  • Supports P2P and blocks ads, malware, and trackers
  • Connects up to 10 devices for seamless working
  • Offers numerous VPN gateways waving-off traffic logs
  • Fast set up and intuitive interface
  • PPTP, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPSec protocols and SOCK5 proxy
  • Gigabit VPN port feeds and DD-WRT VPN compatibility

7. CyberGhost


Today’s Best CyberGhost VPN Deals

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3 Year’s
1 Year
1 Month

With a maximum of days (45) of money-back policy than other VPNs, CyberGhost is the best-reviewed VPN service on the internet. Having more than 15 years of experience, CG very well understands the value of user data privacy. They try hard to keep their 36 million users happy and safe by denying data requests from legal authorities, police, and DMCAs.

To keep it straightforward, they publish quarterly transparency reports. They are headquartered in Romania, a European nation that is away from international surveillances like 5.9 or 14 Eyes. CG only stores your email, cookie preferences, and payment info to assist in your setting preferences and improve the VPN using experience.  

Features of CyberGhost:

  • 7000 + blazing-fast servers
  • Dedicated streaming servers with complete Wi-Fi protection
  • 7 simultaneous secure connections
  • Excellent data protection with NoSpy servers
  • 256-bit military-grade encryption never jeopardized
  • Safe P2P torrenting, and

8. ZenMate


Today’s Best ZenmateVPN Deals

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3 Year’s
1 Year
1 Month

Zenmate has a simple interface offering the most anonymous, secure, and fast internet connectivity to over 47 million users. With the most advanced security features, it maintains a 100% guaranteed no-log policy. They never log any data from their users and from the time you click on the connect button in the Zenmate app, all your online activities become 100% unidentified. So, you don’t have to worry about governing officials, ISPs, hackers, or shady advertisers getting into your system info.

Features of ZenMate:

  • One-click solution to protect your multiple devices
  • Germany-based VPN with super-fast servers in 74 locations
  • 360-degree protection Powered by Open VPN
  • 30-day money-back policy
  • Suitable for all browsers, operating systems, and Microsoft Edge
  • AES 256Encryption

9. Windscribe


Today’s Best Windscribe VPN Deals

Plan Price Deal
1 Year
1 Month

Windscribe is a Canada-based VPN which is a founding member of 5 Eyes Alliance. But still, like other no-log VPNs, the user data is absolutely safe under its strict no-log policy. Its privacy policy clearly says that they only log data related to timelines and the amount of data transferred. Moreover, you don’t need to register with your detailed info; only signing up with your email and password will suffice. For total anonymity, the user can use Bitcoin for paying subscription charges.

Features of Windscribe:

  • DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC leak protection
  • Military-grade encryption along with automatic kill switch
  • Marked P2P servers and supports torrenting servers
  • Secure hotspot, firewall, and proxy gateway for unrestricted access
  • Port Forwarding, Split Tunnelling, and Static IPS to access resources more securely
  • OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard, and SOCKS configurations
  • ROBERT tool for blocking IPs and domains of your preference
  • Server in 63+ countries and 110 cities

Why you must select only “no-log” VPNs?

When the VPN services claim that they have a strict no-log policy, this means that they will not collect, reveal or distribute any of your personal, financial, or browsing info once you connect to their servers. By including the no-log policy in their fine print privacy policy, a VPN provider assures the user that it will not track anything related to their browsed sites, downloaded content, time spent on specific sites, or search engine data.

But this is not the case with all VPN providers, as some explicitly mention the amount of data they collect, while some clearly state that the data they collect gets erased within few minutes of their signing off. Likewise, if a VPN collects some of your data as soon as you sign in, it means your data is written on their hard drive and agencies like 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance as well as cybercriminals can easily lay their hands on it.

To arrive at the list of 10 best no-log VPNs, we have tested around 100 premium VPN services to get a clear picture of their claims about “strict no-log policy”. To gain customer’s trust, the most dependable VPN services hire third-party auditors to monitor their privacy policies. Third-party auditing means that they can’t fool the users by hiding their intentions.

So, let’s get to our today’s topic of the 9 best no-log VPNs. Go through our well-researched list of no-log VPNs and pick the one that suits your requirements. We have mentioned their main security features to help you understand what they offer to their users.

Conclusion on Best No-Log VPNs

I hope the aforementioned list of the 9 best no-log VPNs will work great for you. Every VPN must adhere to its privacy policies and mention the components they are going to log. There are a few VPNs like Pure VPN, Hola, BolehVPN that might log the usage and connection data. They do not say it openly, but in-between the lines, you can notice the fine print stating that they might turn logs on provisionally to find skeptical users.

Well, the best VPNs will not keep logs except the timelines and data usage, which is not alerting at all. The only data which should not be stored at any cost are the sites you visit and your real IP. Before buying a VPN for your work model, do go through its privacy policy and in-between the fine lines that say it all about their standard procedures.

So, I hope you will find the right no-log VPN for your device. In case of any query, feel free to write about it in the comment section.

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