Will VPN Services Be Banned In India? Heres’s All You Need to Know

Why does the Home Ministry Want to Ban the VPN Services In India?

The Home Ministry allegedly wants to ban  the Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s) in India in a parliament meeting held in August. They claimed that VPN’s poses a “Technological-threat” as it is commonly used by many cyber criminals. There are many Countries like China, Japan, UAE, North Korea where VPN services are already banned by the Government and India might be the next country going to be added to the list. Here’s why the Home Ministry wants to ban it :

  • Home Ministry claimed that VPN(Virtual Private Network) are used by the cyber criminals to mask their activity
  • With the help of VPN they can easily “Bypass cyber security walls and remain unknown “
  • As it poses a “Technological-Threat” to the face of the nation as they have claimed

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How Does The Cyber-Criminals Use VPN ?

VPN’ helps you to hide your  online activities from the website you visit and from the ISP’s as well. VPN’s are widely used to bypass any restriction over some website on the internet. The Cyber_Criminals use VPN’s to mask their virtual identity and their activities online. Thus it helps them to do any illegal things on the internet without any restrictions. Since VPNs generate a fake IP address for a system, they can also be used to trick the internet services into believing that the system is being operated in another region of the world.


How Does The Ban on VPN affect Work From Home (WFH) Employees?

A VPN connection helps the employees to access data remotely creating controlled and secure path. with the help of VPN they can access data for their work. People and businesses use VPNs to connect to other private networks through the internet. Many employees who works for overseas companies use VPN to make their work location-independent(remote). So , if the government impose ban on VPN then these employees are most likely to be affected. Although the Home Ministry said “We believe the ban is primarily not really for VPN tunnels of large companies and business entities but targeting VPN companies which help Indian citizens in bypassing the current internet bans implemented in India to conduct cybercrime activity. We also think the government would allow companies that comply with Indian data laws regulations.”

How Might The VPN Ban Affect You?

VPN is an internet service that’s widely used in India. In fact, a large number of users shifted to VPN ever since the work-from-norm kicked in in 2020. Moreover, many companies in India use VPN to secure their digital assets and generally avoid cyber attacks and hackers. Many users use VPN in India to go to restricted websites . VPN services are also used to avoid data thefts and data hacks while using a public website. So  banning VPN will have a major impact on the internet users as well. earlier we saw many users use VPN to bypass the ban over PUBG.


Can The VPN Services  Be Banned?

A Parliamentary commitee of Home Affairs has already proposed The Governement to ban VPN  ! If the Government wants to ban the VPN services they will release a mandate to Internet Service Providers to block commonly used VPN protocols and ports used by these VPN services. IP address or Port Blocking techniques can also be used to restrict the Cyber-Criminals. Earlier we saw Reliance Jio blocked some particular websites from the users.

Although it is not officially announced by the Government yet but if they ever ban VPN services it will have both positive and negative impact on the internet users as many people use VPN nowadays.

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