How to Watch Ligue 1 From Anywhere In The World

Just 3 Easy Steps To Watch Ligue 1 Live From Anywhere!

If you are a football fan and finding ways to watch Ligue 1 football matches here’s how you can watch it.

    1.  Download  PURE VPN and connect BeIN Sports or BT sports. You can also use fancode app using VPN.
    2. Choose a server based in France or United States.
    3. Enjoy Ligue 1 without any problems.

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With the arrival of Argentine and former Barcelona star Lionel Messi, Real Madrid star Sergio Ramos & many other famous footballing names to the league, the French Ligue 1 has gained huge popularity among the viewers. This league is now among the top 5 famous leagues in Europe. So, the viewers are going berserk to see the Ligue 1 matches. But sadly this league is not available for viewers outside France. So how can people of countries like US, UK, India, Australia, South Africa watch the Ligue matches? Don’t worry, as we always have a solution for your problem. Now you can use various VPN to connect to the channel and stream Ligue 1 without any issue.


The Best 3 VPN Services To Stream Ligue 1 From Anywhere

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Ligue 1 Official Broadcasters:

  • Australia- BeIN Sports
  • Brazil- ESPN
  • Canada- BeIN Sports, TV5 Quebec Canada, One Soccer
  • India- Viacom 18
  • North Africa- BeIN Sports
  • Switzerland- Canal+ Blue
  • Uk- BT Sports
  • USA- BeIN Sports, TV5 Etats Unis


Watch Ligue 1 In US

You can watch Ligue 1 in the United States with the subscription to BeIN Sports. You can also watch Ligue 1 matches via Sling Tv or Fubo Tv. However, if you can’t get access to those channels outside the US  use VPN. Here’s how you can access those channels using VPN’s

  • Connect to VPN
  • Connect to the United States Server
  • Watch Ligue 1 via BeIN sports

Watch Ligue 1 In UK

You can watch Ligue 1 matches in the United Kingdom with BT SPORTS. You can stream Ligue 1 online on BT Sport after getting a monthly pass for only $25. However, you can’t access BT sports if you are not from the UK so you can always use a VPN.

  • Connect to VPN
  • Connect to the United States Server
  • Watch Ligue 1 via BT sports

Watch Ligue 1 In INDIA

VH1  will broadcast Ligue 1 matches in India. So if you have a cable subscription to ESPN India. Viacom 18 owned Voot app will stream the French league’s matches. To get access to Ligue 1 matches, users have to purchase Voot’s Select subscription which currently costs INR 299 per year. With this subscription, app users can also watch La Liga and Serie A matches.. However, if you can’t access VH1  you can use a VPN.

  • Connect to VPN
  • Connect to the United States Server
  • Watch Ligue 1 via VH1

Watch Ligue 1 In Australia

There are plenty of options to watch Ligue 1 matches in Australia.  You can watch Ligue 1 via KAYO Tv, BeIN Sports, fetch Tv. If you are not from Australia and you want to access these channels with a VPN  then ..

  • Connect to VPN
  • Connect to the United States Server
  • Watch Ligue 1 via Kayo Tv

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Why You Should Use VPN to Watch Ligue 1 Matches ?

Some channels which broadcast Ligue 1  matches are geo-restricted(like BT Sports or BeIN Sports), meaning you can only officially use them in the countries where you pay.

However, a VPN (virtual private network) offers an easy workaround. Unblocking content is one of its most popular uses, with various servers that allow you to ‘appear’ in another country with a new IP address.

How to Use VPN to Watch Ligue 1?

  • Get PURE VPN or any of the VPN suggested above.
  • Then connect to the French server.
  • Then go to CANAL+ to watch ligue 1 trouble free.

How to Start Watching Ligue 1 on Canal+?

Canal+ acts as a broadcaster of several Ligue 1 matches. However, a subscription is necessary for watching the games. To watch the matches on Canal+, you need to opt for a reputed VPN (a virtual private network) that works inside France. There are a lot of VPN options available from which you can choose your preferred one.

Next, start the application followed by logging in and choosing an appropriate server in the country. Visit Mycanal to start the subscription process. And when you want to start watching, just log in.

Will You Face Any Buffering or Server Loading Time While Watching the Match?

The VPN’s which we mentioned above have premium servers in many countries. So, if you connect to those servers it is most unlikely that you will face any buffering.

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