Virtual Shield Review


4 stars


Basis Star Rating
Pricing Plans 5 stars
Ease of Use 5 stars
Customer Support 4 stars
Features and Options 3 stars
Customer Reviews 5 stars
Overall 4 stars

Virtual Shield is new in the industry of VPNs. Though Virtual Shield is growing and working iteratively to launch more features, it is giving one of the best, fast, reliable VPNs in the market. The company is famous for its saying – “You have the right to remain private”, making sure that its users always feel safe while browsing through the ocean of websites.

Through this article, we are going to review the Virtual Shield VPN considering different factors which differentiate a good VPN from the bad ones.

Pros and Cons of Virtual Shield

Things to like about Virtual Shield are 

  • Easy Torrenting and streaming with OTT platforms
  • Secure
  • Features like Always-on-VPN and App guard
  • Categorized Pricing Plans
  • Good Speed
  • 30 Day Free Trial

Things that make it a tough choice

  • Many adds-on for which user has to pay separately
  • Plans are somewhat expensive
  • Not available in regions like Africa, Asia

Streaming and Torrenting With Virtual Shield

Streaming works perfectly fine on Virtual Shield. Most of the online content is available throughout the world on giant OTT platforms like Netflix, amazon prime, Disney+Hotstar. It opens up the libraries for you to watch and stream the content available outside your country. The feature works perfectly but a streaming add-on to the price plan makes it the best one out there.

If you are using the Virtual Shield app on your windows, mac, or phones, then you are in luck, it provides you complete privacy while torrenting through its P2P secure file sharing support. However, if you are just using the browser extension, then it does not secure your BitTorrent but just what’s inside your browser.

Virtual Shield Design and Compatibility

Virtual Shield has both desktop and mobile apps with an easy-to-use design. Just download the app and a few taps away, you will be ready to use your internet anonymously. Most of the common features are easily visible and out there on the app like connect/disconnect, the option to see all the servers, your status, and privacy, the tab for settings. Mobile App is far simpler and easier to use than desktop app. The Desktop app is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux while the mobile app is there for both the platforms i.e. Android and iOS. Besides the application, Virtual Shield also provides the browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Features to Talk About

Internet Kill Switch. Virtual Shield VPN is known for its internet kill switch feature. The user can leave their desktop system or mobile phones connected to VPN for hours without worrying about getting disconnected from VPN and getting exposed, by enabling this feature, as this feature will block the internet access as soon as the VPN gets disconnected.

IPv6 leak protection. As the name suggests, this feature provides protection against the potential leak of data of the user using an IPv6 connection.

Always-On-VPN and App Guard. The Always-on-VPN feature, when enabled, connects you to the best available server as soon as you connect to the internet. The App guard feature protects the leak of sensitive data to the public network through the other applications in your system or phone by closing them as soon as you are disconnected from the VPN.

Some of the other features of the Virtual Shield VPN include a no-logging policy and 256 BIT AES.

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Security and Privacy

Virtual Shield VPN is known as one of the most secure US-based VPN. It has a zero log policy, keeping the privacy of users intact. It doesn’t store users’ data which can be used against them. The user data in the database gets cleared as soon as the user disconnects the VPN. The data collected while the user is connected does not contain the time and location of when and where the user is accessing the internet.

Virtual Shield VPN uses a 256-Bit AES Encryption algorithm. The connection protocols followed by Virtual Shield VPN are TCP, UDP, and L2TP. The features like Always-on-VPN, App guard, and IPv6 leak mentioned above are the key security features provided by Virtual Shield.

Pricing and Payment Methods

Virtual Shield provides a 30-day free trial. But besides that, it follows a very difficult to understand pricing plan which we will simplify in this article. The number of features provided is according to the price of the plan.

Mainly, The pricing is categorized into Home & Family, and Business plans. Home & Family is further subdivided as follows

1. Personal Plans

The three plans present under this category are: 





$71.88 paid every year

2 Years


$119.76 paid every 24 months

The features provided are the same under these three plans

2. Family Plans 

These plans simultaneously provide 15 connections which makes it a family plan.

The plans which fall under this category are





$215.88 paid every year

2 Years


$359.76 paid every 24 months

Other than these plans, it has some add-ons also if the user needs some additional features to be added to their VPN.
All these plans can be purchased via two payment methods which are credit/debit card and PayPal.

Plan NameBandwidthNo. of DevicesPrice 
1 MonthUnlimited10$10/month

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1 YearUnlimited10$5.99/monthGet Now
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2 YearsUnlimited10$4.99/monthGet Now
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Virtual Shield VPN comes with very new and advanced features which promise a secure internet connection to the user and many more features are on the way. The US-based VPN has decent speed and performance results but the no-log policy and no data storage are the two key selling points. The prices are a lil higher and complex with respect to other VPNs but provide a wide range of add-on features to use. The upcoming features will surely try to make the VPN, one of the best in the market which provides safe and secure browsing to the customer.

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FastestVPN Review

Basis Star Rating
Pricing Plans 5 stars
Ease of Use 5 stars
Customer Support 4 stars
Features and Options 3 stars
Customer Reviews 5 stars
Overall 4 stars


A well-developed VPN is essential in this world where every other app and website is invading our privacy. Letting our data out on a sell and obstructing our work with spam and unnecessary pop-up ads.

Therefore, Fastest VPN is another VPN in our list of reliable and cost-efficient VPNs. 

Based out of Cayman Islands, this VPN is a full package of outstanding features like keeping a minimal logging policy which exclusively keeps our web activity out of the picture. With the server network laid into 40+ countries at 52+ locations, this VPN is user-friendly and possesses a lot of qualities.

Why and Why not Fastest VPN?

There is quite an equilibrium in the pros and cons of using this VPN. Let’s start with PROS,

  • 10 multi logins: The key feature is that it provides 10 multi logins which is quite a rare feature to see in other VPN servers.
  • Unlimited bandwidth: This is a most common problem seen in various other VPN servers but not to worry, Fastest VPN got you covered over there.
  • Unbreakable security walls: Fastest VPN provides 256-Bit encryption and lets you switch your location endlessly.
  • 15-day money-back guarantee: This VPN service provides you with the benefit of 15-day money-back guarantee, therefore, try it, understand it, explore it, and decide whether you want to carry on with it or not

Let’s learn some CONS as well

  • Maybe not the Fastest VPN: As the name suggests, Fastest VPN is a tad opposite of its name. You might face some speed issues on this server while streaming content on a lot of streaming servers.
  • Limited split tunneling: Not so good server with split tunneling and might cause trouble while you are multitasking on the web. 

Compatible devices are

Fastest VPN Pricing Plans

They provide three subscription packs starting from one month to one year to three years. The best-selling package is a three-year subscription at $1.11. You will also get free Internet 2TB. One year of cloud storage with any of the subscriptions to purchase.P

1 Month


Get 60% off

1 Year


Get 75% off

3 Years


Get 90% off

Its Kill-Switch Feature

Fastest VPN provides a kill-switch feature that enables it to cut off the internet service if VPN gets switched off by any chance. This is a very important feature but there is a possibility that this VPN does not provide it on every OS.

Streaming on Netflix and Other Platforms

It can unblock Netflix and HBO Max but on Netflix, it can only access to three libraries i.e. Canada, UK, and the US only. It wasn’t too handy for other platforms and was taking quite a time. You can access content with no geo boundaries but it is quite difficult with every streaming service.

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Torrent on Fastest VPN

The fastest VPN is optimized for P2P, i.e. peer-to-peer. You can access any data without any interference and further can download it on the server, but there can be few servers where speed can fluctuate.

Customer Service

Fastest VPN has star-rated customer services. They will be available to answer any of your queries across all the platforms, which is A+ quality. You can contact them for any and everything and they will clear all your doubts effectively.

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PureVPN Review

Basis Star Rating
Pricing Plans 5 stars
Ease of Use 5 stars
Customer Support 4 stars
Features and Options 3 stars
Customer Reviews 5 stars
Overall 4 stars


Finding a perfect VPN is way harder than finding your perfect tinder match. If you are someone who is always paranoid about how to cover your virtual skin as carefully as making a house of cards and as smoothly as eating a piece of cake then all you need to do is install Pure VPN and then Netflix and Chill without worrying about geo-restrictions and slow speed.

In this review article for Pure VPN, we are going to give you a brief background about the company, the pros and cons of this VPN, why you should prefer it over others, supporting devices, and many other deciding factors.

Pure VPN has been in the business since 2007. This Hong-Kong-based company has built a powerful network of servers across 140 countries with over 6500+ servers at 180+ locations. From Europe to Oceania, they have their impressions everywhere. This kind of server presence is necessary for impeccable internet speed.

Pros and Cons of Pure VPN

Things for which you can go for Pure VPN are

  • Cost friendly: Pure VPN serves its best of services with unlimited features at a very minimal amount. They have different periodical packages as well.
  • Speed: It has great feedbacks on its speed on either of the operating systems 
  • Reliable: Known for its no data logging policy, you can put blind faith in it while using it, unlike various other VPN servers.
  • Easy to set up: Pure VPN is easy to install and get ready to use within minutes on any of the devices.

Things for which Pure VPN should take charge to rectify them

  • Customer service: As much as we dislike saying it, Pure VPN’s customer service is not one that anyone wants to deal with. A fantastic customer service experience is always the icing on the cake.
  • Limited connections: On purchase, they only provide 5 simultaneous connections, which aren’t bad but not really outstanding. It would be fantastic for the users if they could expand their range.
  • Tricky extension: Pure VPN’s chrome extension sometimes causes issues where other extensions stop working and to resolve this issue, one would have to turn off the extensions and this can be a major turn-off while working and can cause frustrations.

PureVPN Pricing Plans

Plan NameBandwidthNo. of DevicesPrice 
5 YearsUnlimited10$1.32/month

Get 80% off

1 YearUnlimited10$4.16/monthsGet Now
Get 75% off
1 MonthUnlimited10$10.95/monthGet Now
Get 60% off

Devices on which Pure VPN runs smoothly are

Devices like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, etc. support Pure VPN and there will hardly be any circumstances where you’ll face any trouble because of the OS. Even if you come across such difficulties, then also it is very easy to restore it and use the server again.

Compatible devices are:

Buffer Free Streaming on Netflix

With Pure VPN you can enjoy your endless list of movies and series across various platforms like Netflix Libraries, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Hulu, US HBO GO, Foxtel, and plenty of other streaming platforms. You can have the experience of uninterrupted content consumption with no geo barriers.

Go Torrenting with Pure VPN

With their special peer-to-peer (P2P) feature, you can download torrent files in a snap. But you may experience slow speed in countries like the US, Canada, Australia, or the UK as there are fewer P2P servers of Pure VPN. Apart from that, it is very easy to access torrent files on this VPN server.

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Does Pure VPN have Kill Switch and Split Tunneling?

Yes, Pure VPN possesses both features as they are very important for any VPN. The work of kill switch is to cut off your internet if anytime the artificial cover of VPN slips away. Hence, it is an important feature to protect your identity over the internet.

Similarly, split tunneling helps in deciding what data should be encrypted and what not depending upon your activity and user location.

Amazing Features at just $0.99/- Year

The most popular review in the town is that Pure VPN is pocket-friendly. You can buy a 7-day free trial before making a year-long commitment. It is not only that they have a monthly pack and a two-year pack as well. You have full freedom to verify the services.

Customer Service

Pure VPN’s customer service is not the best service they provide compared to the rest of the services and features that they offer. Though they are not the worst at it, they just need to do oiling at some rusty joints and they will be good to go.

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HideMyAss Review

Basis Star Rating
Pricing Plans 5 stars
Ease of Use 5 stars
Customer Support 4 stars
Features and Options 3 stars
Customer Reviews 5 stars
Overall 4 stars


Hide My Ass (HMA) is a well-known VPN that has been shielding its customers’ a** on the internet for over 15 years. HMA by Avast is a popular VPN server among customers, not only because of its intriguing name but also because it is a reliable VPN server.

Virtual Protective Network (VPN) is a term used to describe a network that provides a virtual mask for your IP address, making it undetectable by third parties. It helps in the establishment of a secure internet connection. VPNs are available for all devices and come in a wide range of functions, allowing you to choose the VPN that best suits your needs.

HMA Version 5 is the most recent upgrade, and it offers additional design features and an auto-generated diagnostics mode. The Lightning-mode feature, which immediately connects you to the quickest and closest server, is arguably the most impressive improvement.

Returning to HMA, the company boasts an amazing network of 1800+ servers spread across 290 locations in 210 countries. The fastest servers can’t even come close to matching HMA’s growth rate.

HMA explains the importance of VPN in its own words:

The internet is big, but you’ll be stuck only seeing a fraction of it without a VPN.

The network has no data limits and operates at a 20 Gbps server speed, with 189 distinct servers optimized for streaming. HMA also provides a high level of security, with all apps protected by military-grade encryption. A clever kill switch provides additional security for Mac, Windows, and Android users. 

Netflix With HMA

HMA supports Netflix USA. Try it yourself by creating a trial VPN account.
Link to download trial pre-authorized account It will ask for PayPal and other details but it will not be charged.

Steps to activate Netflix With HMA
  1. Once you activate the HMA application.
  2. Select USA, Liberty island server
  3. Enjoy Netflix

Benefits of using HMA

  • Simple and easily useable interface– Their clean, easy-to-use UI designs on both desktop and mobile phones with simple buttons that clearly illustrate every functionality on the app are straightforward and easy to use. It is also possible to locate and switch services at ease.
  • Smart kill switch– If the system loses the VPN network, HMA will automatically disconnect the internet connection. This will help you protect your ID in any situation.
  • Split Tunneling– Every app is different and requires different exposure. Some might need utter privacy while some might require raw web access. Hence, HMA provides a split technology to create a specific ecosystem for all kinds of apps.
  • Easily bypass geoblocks– HMA can provide access to any streaming platform, by bypassing the geoblocks, enabling you to enjoy HD content with no buffering. Katie Kasunic, a technology researcher, tried and tested the VPN over several platforms to check its performance and she was quite impressed with the results as she could consume content over almost all the sites without any fail.
  • Free Trial and 30-day money-back guarantee– The service of HMA provides a 7-day free trial option before signing up for the services. It is not only that you can get guaranteed cashback within 30 days if it does not satisfy you with its services.

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Cons of using HMA

  • Lack of consistent speed– We’ve all experienced the frustration of a slow internet connection. When using the HMA, the speed drops occasionally, making it impossible to operate. It also wastes a lot of time.
  • Lack of privacy: There have been concerns regarding the tracking of logs, indicating that the company is concerned about user privacy. Their terms and conditions specifically mention keeping logs.

Compatible devices are:

All such devices will support HMA VPN. You will also be able to connect with the VPN up to 5 devices at a time and about 10 devices with the Family Plan as well. We can also configure it on our router to shield your entire house. You have the freedom to customize settings as per your device as it provides a variety of features specific to a particular device.

HMA Pricing Plans

Though its monthly packages are quite goofed up, its 2-year plan for $120 is a pocket-friendly deal that comes with a 7-day free trial and 30- day’s cash back guarantee if not satisfied.

PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and UnionPay are all accepted methods of payment for HMA.

Plan Name Bandwidth No. of Devices Price  
1 Month Unlimited 5 $11.99/month

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1 Year Unlimited 5 $4.39/months Get Now
Get 63% off
3 Years Unlimited 5 $2.79/month Get Now
Get 77% off

Check The Pricing Plans

Social Links of HMA

Customer Care Services

You can contact HMA’s support team in various modes. From generating a ticket to 24*7 live chat services. With a team full of helpful representatives, dispute resolution becomes very easy and friendly. 

You can also contact the team over their social media and get issues solved instantly.

Surfshark VPN Review

Basis Star Rating
Pricing Plans 5 stars
Ease of Use 5 stars
Customer Support 4 stars
Features and Options 3 stars
Customer Reviews 5 stars
Overall 4 stars


Surfshark VPN is one of the most well-known names in the industry and is also a public favourite company. The company offers VPN services across the globe with locations and servers spread out in various places. The VPN boasts amazing reviews from customers and most of their plans seem to promote a longer-term commitment for lower prices than seen in the market.

Surfshark subscriptions can be purchased with major credit cards, Amazon Pay, PayPal, and a variety of cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency payment option is also semi-anonymous offering ease of payment for many people who are invested in cryptocurrencies. While these payment methods are easy, the payment itself will probably be easy as well since Surfshark is offering various deals that bring its price down massively to near about 2 dollars a month for some plans.

With this great value, Surfshark is one of those companies that offer more value than they charge. One of its primary plus points is that it allows you to connect an infinite number of devices to one account when most providers limit you to only five concurrent connections.

Pricing Plans of Surfshark VPN

Plan NameBandwidthNo. of DevicesPrice 
1 MonthUnlimited10$12.95/month

Get 60% off

6 MonthsUnlimited10$6.49/monthsGet Now
Get 75% off
1 YearUnlimited10$2.21/monthGet Now
Get 90% off

Features of Surfshark VPN

1. CleanWeb

CleanWeb is a safe method to surf the web offered by SurfShark to all of its users. It helps block ads, phishing, and malware attempts.

2. Unlimited Number of Devices

Users can connect an unlimited number of devices to the VPN internet connection. This feature is unique at the price point as most others offer approximately 5 connections at a time.

3. Whitelister

With this feature, you can select certain websites and applications that will be whitelisted from the VPN.

4. Well-Made App

5. 3200+ servers in 65 countries

Servers are distributed amongst various locations across the world to make sure that everything runs smoothly with multiple options available for all types of requirements.

6. Has applications on various platforms such as Windows, Linux, FireTV, iOs, and more

7. 500 VPN IPs ‘Best Available Location’ feature 

This feature allows the software to select the best location available according to your current location and internet speed provided making it much easier for people with basic needs from a VPN.

8. Multi Hop Servers 

Surfshark allows you to double your VPN connection by routing your traffic through two servers rather than just one. 

9. No speed limits 

Internet speed while your VPN is on isn’t set by SurfShark allowing for high-speed usage for professional users.

Location-CountryDownload (Mbps)Upload (Mbps)
US Server414
Australia Server383
Phillipines Server383.5

(Approximate Values)

Advantages and Disadvantages of Surfshark VPN


  • Can have an unlimited number of connections at the same time
  • Torrenting is easily done on SurfShark
  • There is an option to hide your IP address ensuring your safety
  • Clean Web is offered with all VPN plans from Surf Shark
  • OTT apps like Netflix tend to work with ease
  • Offers a 30 day trial period
  • Surfshark has a dedicated 24/7 Customer service team


  • The company claims that it tracks advertiser IDs of users for solely advertising purposes
  • Some users claim that the app auto-updates and forgets user information during this process
  • Surf Shark is router compatible but some of the most important features cannot be used without the app
  • Smaller network as compared to competitor VPN services

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When looking at it initially, the VPN seemed to be slightly strange due to the amazing reviews and low prices offered in the sale but it seems to be a rising star. Surfshark is everything you need as a basic internet user providing you with unlimited devices, high levels of safety and integrated apps to make your life easier no matter where and when you need to use a VPN. The great integration with nearly all common streaming platforms allows you to trust Surfshark as the only one you’ll need for your OTT needs be it streaming shows from America or watching a show from Japan. While it may somewhat lack server locations and overall network across the world, it maintains decent speeds and overall seems like a great option for the common household or individual.


How is the overall interface of StrongVPN and is it easy to use?
Surfshark offers a very fresh and new take on its whole user experience and interface. The whole feel of the website and VPN is easy to use and offers a simple yet modernistic approach to it. Since it is available on so many different platforms, some things vary but on an overall scale, the company has done a great job with their interface and aesthetic as a whole. The various integrated apps also make it much easier to handle and use.
Is Surfshark safe to use?
Yes, Surfshark is a very safe option when it comes to using a VPN. They provide AES-256 bit encryption which is a military-grade of encryption that is used by governments around the world and is essentially uncrackable. Surfshark also has a very defined policy against keeping logs on their VPN service meaning that nobody is tracking what you do or where you go on the internet. While some may doubt the antilog policies, Surfshark also only uses RAM data saving so that any data stored is deleted directly after the end of a session.
What are my options if I don’t like the services after purchasing?
Another amazing feature offered by Surfshark on all of its plans is a 30-day money-back guarantee. According to the guarantee, if for any reason the services are not as you expected, 100% of the amount you paid will be refunded to you as long as Surfshark is informed within 30 days and it is viable under their discretion. This is great for people planning to try it out as it allows you to use the service without having to lose money in case it doesn’t seem like the one for you.
Is Strong VPN suitable for use with OTT Platforms such as Netflix?
Surfshark is one of the best VPN service providers at its price in terms of bypassing OTT geo-restrictions. When tested with an insane number of streaming services, Surfshark was able to bypass nearly all of them with ease. While some software required a few changes of VPN locations to find one that works, for the most part, you will never have a problem using Surfshark for OTT or streaming platforms.

StrongVPN Review

Basis Star Rating
Pricing Plans 5 stars
Ease of Use 5 stars
Customer Support 4 stars
Features and Options 3 stars
Customer Reviews 5 stars
Overall 4 stars


StrongVPN has come up to be one of the foremost VPN service providers present in the market. StrongVPN doesn’t play any tricks and sticks to the basics perfectly. The corporate offers its DNS system with the availability and option of up to 12 connections at the same time which is a feature that can only be seen here. Other than this, there are a few more features provided by StrongVPN at a slightly higher price than what is common in the market. This price however can be justified by an above-average network speed which has given the company overall positive feedback from the public.

The company was initially started in 1995 as a PC seller based in America. It then shifted to dial-up internet and related services within America itself. A few years later, the company was purchased by StackPath LLC, the owner of IPVanish who then transformed StrongVPN into what it is today. As of today, StrongVPN’s services are widespread across the world in various locations such as America, Japan, Europe, etc. The company in total owns around 950+ VPN Servers in about 35 Countries.

Compatible devices are

Pricing Plans of StrongVPN

Plan NameBandwidthNo. of DevicesPrice 
1 YearUnlimited12$2.91/month

Get 80% off

3 MonthsUnlimited12$5.83/monthGet Now
Get 60% off
1 MonthUnlimited12$10.00/monthGet Now
Get 40% off

Features of StrongVPN

1. Apps provided by StrongVPN

StrongVPN has dedicated apps that work for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and more.

2. Up to 12 simultaneous connections

Users can avail VPN services on up to 12 devices simultaneously making one connection all you need for a household.

3. WireGuard®, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN, IPSec, and IKEv2 protocols

4. StrongDNS included 

StrongDNS provides lightning-fast speed on the internet and security to make usage hassle-free.

5. Zero logging 

6. Security on public Wi-Fi networks 

7. 950+ servers in 35 countries and 59 cities 

Servers are distributed amongst various locations across the world to make sure that everything runs smoothly with multiple options available for all types of requirements.

8. 59,500 VPN IPs 

9. Best Available Location’ feature 

This feature allows the software to select the best location available according to your current location and internet speed provided making it much easier for people with basic needs from a VPN.

10. Light Mode and Dark Mode app options 

These modes offer a better and more eye-catching interface depending on what a user prefers.

11. No speed limits 

Internet speed during VPN usage isn’t limited by StrongVPN allowing professional users to utilize the best network access without unnecessary restrictions.

Location-CountryDownload (Mbps)Upload (Mbps)
US Server38.965.00
Europe Server9.783.18
Netherlands Server80.428.63
UK Server35.474.63
Asia Server20.102.35

Advantages and Disadvantages of StrongVPN 


  • Up to 12 connections can run at the same time
  • Torrenting is possible on StrongVPN
  • Customer Support is known to be timely and helpful
  • StrongDNS is provided with VPN plans
  • America and Europe usually connect with ease and good speeds
  • Apps like Netflix run smoothly


  • The speed is slow in some locations as compared to competitors in the market
  • The interface and overall look and feel of StrongVPN seems to be quite outdated
  • Features provided are quite basic and few in number
  • Prices are high according to the features provided
  • There is no initial free period provided for users to test out the features although the yearly plan does provide a money-back guarantee

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Social Links of Strong VPN


Looking at all the factors together Strong VPN comes up with a “strong” base and also a great public support and customer base. While offering all the basics, it also has a wide array of VPN locations across the world that provide freedom of choice to users. This coupled with the availability of up to 12 simultaneous connections gives StrongVPN some things to boost it up. It does although fall behind on the lack of a large variety of features as well as having higher prices. All of this together makes it a decent service that offers all the things a person may need from a basic VPN without any problems.


Is Strong VPN safe to use?
When it comes to safety, StrongVPN isn’t the best in the market. The company claims that it doesn’t record a log of user’s online usage. This means that during VPN usage, StrongVPN won’t know what you are doing or where you are going on the internet. This however seems to be a bit farfetched as many rules and guidelines are existing that promote companies to maintain some sort of basic records or logs on user’s internet usage. The government itself has been claimed to track internet usage making it difficult to definitively say if StrongVPN is keeping your privacy or not. On the other hand, for basic day-to-day usages such as watching shows from different countries or anything non-confidential, StrongVPN should be a safe option you can trust.

Is Strong VPN suitable for use with OTT Platforms such as Netflix?
When it comes to OTT platforms like Netflix, StrongVPN comes up strong as this is one of the areas it excels at. The VPN service is made such that it can bypass restrictions placed by OTT platforms allowing you to easily change your location to access the apps from whatever country you want. A good example would be if you live in Canada but want to watch a Japanese anime that is only on Netflix Japan, StrongVPN will easily allow you to switch to a Japanese server and viola, you can watch the anime. This is true for other streaming services with location-specific shows like HBO and more.

What can I do if I don’t like the services after purchasing?
Now, this is a bit of a strange situation when it comes to StrongVPN. As of now, they don’t provide any sort of trial or free period to test out their services and speed hence users are stuck buying the full subscription to use their VPN. IF you do however dislike it for some reason, you might still be in luck if you have purchased the yearly plan. This is because the yearly plan offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that will get you all your money back as long as you let StrongVPN’s team know within 30 days of purchase. Sadly, this isn’t the case for monthly plan users.

How is the interface of StrongVPN and is it easy to use?
The interface of StrongVPN is dependent on what perspective you look at it from. The company seems to have put a lot of effort into making its software and everything in the process of using it quite easy and user-friendly. The application itself is also quite simple and easy for newer users but seems to be lacking when compared to newer software. This is because the application gives off an outdated feel and provides much less in terms of features than you can find in newer competitors' software. All in all, it is an easy-to-use software and great for basic and newer users but if you are looking for a wide array of features and customization, this might not be for you.