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Overall 4 stars


A well-developed VPN is essential in this world where every other app and website is invading our privacy. Letting our data out on a sell and obstructing our work with spam and unnecessary pop-up ads.

Therefore, Fastest VPN is another VPN in our list of reliable and cost-efficient VPNs. 

Based out of Cayman Islands, this VPN is a full package of outstanding features like keeping a minimal logging policy which exclusively keeps our web activity out of the picture. With the server network laid into 40+ countries at 52+ locations, this VPN is user-friendly and possesses a lot of qualities.

Why and Why not Fastest VPN?

There is quite an equilibrium in the pros and cons of using this VPN. Let’s start with PROS,

  • 10 multi logins: The key feature is that it provides 10 multi logins which is quite a rare feature to see in other VPN servers.
  • Unlimited bandwidth: This is a most common problem seen in various other VPN servers but not to worry, Fastest VPN got you covered over there.
  • Unbreakable security walls: Fastest VPN provides 256-Bit encryption and lets you switch your location endlessly.
  • 15-day money-back guarantee: This VPN service provides you with the benefit of 15-day money-back guarantee, therefore, try it, understand it, explore it, and decide whether you want to carry on with it or not

Let’s learn some CONS as well

  • Maybe not the Fastest VPN: As the name suggests, Fastest VPN is a tad opposite of its name. You might face some speed issues on this server while streaming content on a lot of streaming servers.
  • Limited split tunneling: Not so good server with split tunneling and might cause trouble while you are multitasking on the web. 

Compatible devices are

Fastest VPN Pricing Plans

They provide three subscription packs starting from one month to one year to three years. The best-selling package is a three-year subscription at $1.11. You will also get free Internet 2TB. One year of cloud storage with any of the subscriptions to purchase.P

1 Month


Get 60% off

1 Year


Get 75% off

3 Years


Get 90% off

Its Kill-Switch Feature

Fastest VPN provides a kill-switch feature that enables it to cut off the internet service if VPN gets switched off by any chance. This is a very important feature but there is a possibility that this VPN does not provide it on every OS.

Streaming on Netflix and Other Platforms

It can unblock Netflix and HBO Max but on Netflix, it can only access to three libraries i.e. Canada, UK, and the US only. It wasn’t too handy for other platforms and was taking quite a time. You can access content with no geo boundaries but it is quite difficult with every streaming service.

Make sure you buy 5 Years Special package and Save 92% OFF!

Torrent on Fastest VPN

The fastest VPN is optimized for P2P, i.e. peer-to-peer. You can access any data without any interference and further can download it on the server, but there can be few servers where speed can fluctuate.

Customer Service

Fastest VPN has star-rated customer services. They will be available to answer any of your queries across all the platforms, which is A+ quality. You can contact them for any and everything and they will clear all your doubts effectively.

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