9 Totally Free VPN Services to Protect Your Privacy

Everyone wants secure access to their favorite content online but have budget issue concurrently. So, can we all rely on totally free VPN services and also protect our privacy. The answer to this question to some extent is yes, we can!But, is the risk worth compromising our personal data or other financial info? Is there a guarantee that these free VPN services will not sell our data to third parties, or the hackers and snoopers will not lay hands on our system info? There is a long list of questions raised by many when we talk about free VPN services.

We will answer all these questions one by one so that you get a clear picture before using the totally free VPN services. We will also clarify that will these free VPN services offer the same features as paid ones or there will be some limitations also.

Look, whenever we get something free of cost, there are hidden terms and conditions therein. Nothing is completely free and even if it is, then you need to compromise either on the quality or on the quantity.

The year 2020 has seen a massive increase in downloading VPN services worldwide. It is because everyone is working from home and wants to connect safely. Other reasons include staying entertained at home, but securely. A VPN not only offers secure connections at home but also when you work in a coffee shop with public Wi-Fi.

So, overall a VPN is a useful software that not only protects your private data from snoopers but allows you to browse anything anywhere without any geographical restrictions. You can binge-watch your favorite series, sports events, films, videos, etc. that are broadcasted for people in the US, and relayed on your screen in India.

9 Totally Free VPN Services to Protect Your Privacy

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Before we jump to the free VPN services, let me tell you if you can spend $2 to $4 monthly, then you might get premium services of the best VPNs in the market like Express VPN, Nord VPN, and SurfShark VPN. By spending this low, you will get unlimited access to the world of the internet at a great speed and numerous serve locations. But if you don’t want to spend a penny, then please go ahead with these 8 free VPN services to protect your privacy to some extent.

1. Tunnel Bear

tunnel bear

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Tunnel Bear is a Canada based firm, which was acquired by McAfee in the year 2018. It gives you the best possible privacy even in the free plan. The free plan gives access to limited features with 500 MB of secure browsing. the download will start automatically as soon as you click on the Trey for Free button. After downloading, you just need to double click on the TunnelBear icon and follow the online instructions.

Now log in or create an account to start tunneling. For a quick start, you just need to select a country click on Fastest for the fastest speeds, then click the switch ON. If you want to go for the premium plan, then you get unlimited secure browsing, 5 device connection, and priority customer service, all at $3.33/mo. Its app is available for all major platforms and extensions.  

2. Windscribe


Today’s Best Windscribe VPN Deals

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Windscribe allows generous data as compare to other free VPNs. It offers 10 GB bandwidth monthly, and the free users can select from ten remote servers like UK, Hongkong, Germany, etc. With a little throttling in speed, this VPN offers a decent privacy policy; it logs data related to connected servers and data transferred only for a few minutes.

For using the free plan, you just need to sign in with your username and password. If you want more, then go for its yearly plan at $4.08/mo, and unlock all its premium features like unlimited data access, unlocking geo-restrictions in 60 countries, strong protocols like OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard, and block ads, tracker, and malware.

3. Speedify


Today’s Best Speedify VPN Deals

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3 Year’s
1 Year
1 Month

Speedify is the best free alternate for individuals and families who just want to enjoy their favorite events, movies, and videos at a decent server speed. If you are into streaming games, then you might have to consider other options as Speedify is secure, potential and has groovy performance, but a free plan doesn’t allow seamless streaming. The free plan will allow access to all servers but will limit downloading data.

You get 2 Gb of data monthly which is decent enough for basic browsing and executing some online obligations. But as the name suggests, it will not fail you to provide a speedy internet connection. You can use the free connection only on one device, and get access to secure encryption of files, channel bonding, redundant mode, automatic failover, and packet loss & error correction. Its premium plan starts at $2.99/mo for a 3-year subscription.

4. Hotspot Shield


Today’s Best Hotspot Shield VPN Deals

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1 Year(Family)
1 Year
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Hotspot Shield is one of the most recommended VPN for free users as it offers much more than its competitors. It functions swiftly on all Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices, and allows a 500MB data limit per day which is far better in our list. It doesn’t offer 24/7 live chat support for free users.

Well, if we look at the other side of the coin, it offers only one server access i.e US for surfing. If you are mindful of security, then Hotspot Shield is on the same page as premium plans and offers military-grade encryption for free users. But if you are looking for more, then go ahead with the premium plan starting at $5.99/mo, that gives you high-speed surfing and streaming of Netflix, Disney+, etc., a 45-day money-back guarantee, plus innovative security features and applications.

5. Proton VPN

Proton VPN

Today’s Best Proton VPN Deals

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proton VPN is operated by Swiss-based firm Proton Technologies Ag, the name behind ProtonMail email services. Even in its free version, it offers servers in 3 countries with 1 VPN connection. It clearly states that the server speed will be medium and the user will not get access to the core secure servers, Tor over VPN, or P2P/BitTorrent support.

But if you are worried about your data logging and ads, then Proton VPN assures you that even the free users will have the privilege of absolutely no logging of data and no ads. For Basic plan users, Proton VPN offers 2 VPN connection, high-speed server access in 54 countries, no logs/no ads, P2P file sharing, and BitTorrent support, all at 4€ /mo.

6. Hide.me


Today’s Best Hide Me VPN Deals

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2 Year’s
1 Year
1 Month

Hide.me is another reliable name when it comes to free VPN services. Its free of cost anonymous proxy server allows unblocking of any site. Over 20 million users trust Hide.me for its safe and sound VPN and proxy services. In the free plan, you get access to 5 server locations, 10 GB of data per month, and 1 device connection with no logging and no ads. Moreover, you also get access to 24/7 live chat support.

Hide.me is quite strong on its privacy features and maintains decent server speed without many curbs. The software works on all operating systems including Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, Fire TV, Chrome, Extension, etc. No doubt the Premium plan users get 24/7 premium support, 10 device connection at the same time, no logging of data, access to 1800 servers in 72 locations, and unlimited data transfer, all at $8.32/mo (yearly plan).

7. Namecheap


Today’s Best Namecheap VPN Deals

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3 Year’s
1 Year
1 Month

You must have heard about Namecheap hosting, but Namecheap VPN is also a known name in the VPN market. Many users prefer to have one solution for all their internet needs, may it be your online activities or business ideas. Namecheap offers a secure and ultra-fast browsing experience unblocking all your favorite content online.

If you want to try its service for free, then Namecheap offers a 1-month free VPN plan along with a 30-day money-back guarantee on all other premium plans. This free plan will give you access to all the features security and privacy features, unlimited bandwidth and device connections, IP masking, unblocking sites, and 24/7 customer support. Its premium plans start as low as $1.00/mo for a yearly subscription.

8. Avira VPN


Today’s Best Avira VPN Deals

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1 Year
1 Month

Avira’s free version is available for Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac offering you the most secure, private access to the internet. The free features include 500 MB monthly data, IP masking, bank-grade 256 AES encryption, anonymous surfing, and site unblocking with no-logging policy. This in return secures your data and online activities from cybercriminals.

Considering the competition, Avira allows access to your choice of server in 36 locations which are rarely offered by free VPN services. Simultaneously you can connect to unlimited devices even with the free connection; get DNS leak protection with IP v4 and v6 protocols, and also P2P file sharing and torrenting with Avira Phantom VPN. More than one million have chosen Avira to get uncensored access to the internet. For even more advanced security features, upgrade to Phantom VPN Pro at $7.59/mo.

9. Zoog VPN

Zoog VPN

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2 Year’s
1 Year
1 Month

Zoog, established in 2013, is a new player in the VPN market giving tough competition to the free VPN services. It is easily available for all your devices like router, blackberry, Android TV, Fire TV, Linux, Windows, Mac, and Android. Each free plan of Zoog comes with 10 GB of data, access to 3 VPN server locations, one device connection, limited P2P, zero-logging policy, 128-bit encryption, with limited content access.

Zoog VPN clearly states what all it will be offering free of cost. You just need to sign up with your email ID and password. The process to get a free VPN is completely risk-free with no harsh commitment and credit card requirement. Also, if you are ready to spend under $2, then Zoog offers you unrestricted access to 1000 servers in 50 locations with unlimited bandwidth and device connections. You also get unrestricted streaming for 20 Netflix regions, Hulu, Disney+, and iPlayer as well as P2P sharing.

Are totally free VPN services fully reliable?

Now in this section, you will get answers to all your questions. So, friends, till you don’t get hands-on a dependable, and premium quality VPN offering free services, the risk will always be there. The low-grade or absolutely new player in the VPN market might sell your data to a third party to make money.

The free VPN offers limited features and thus the data is not well encrypted. This might give chance to hackers, and governing bodies to peep into your private and financial data. Weak VPNs will not be able to break-free the strong Firewalls of China. You might face issues in the speed while downloading, streaming games, or torrenting your favorite movies or files.

The free VPN services will not be able to offer you the server range like the premium ones; and you definitely fail to have the extra security layers and protocols offered by the paid ones. There will be almost no or seldom 24/7 customer support for free users.

So, I hope you have got answers to all your questions related to free VPN services. We have compiled the list of totally free VPN services based on our exhaustive testing. These 8 free VPNs are not only reliable but have a good brand name in the VPN market. If you use them for entertainment purposes, and not classified work, then no one is better than these.

Conclusion on Totally Free VPN Services

Well, the aforementioned free VPN services are best for those who want to add a little layer of security to their system while browsing on foreign sites or public Wi-Fi. But if you looking for content unblocking anywhere in the world, a free VPN is not something you deserve. The limited features and data offered by free VPNs will get exhausted very soon if you want to torrent files or watch your favorite shows online.

Therefore, before downloading the free VPN services, make sure you know about the compromises you need to make. You need to ask yourself if this will suffice your business model, protect your system, log your private info, or allow anonymous browsing. Look, though the aforesaid free VPN services are reliable, one cannot guarantee full online security with their free version. Still, if you want, then please go with names like Tunnel Bear, Windscribe, Hotspot Shield, and Namecheap.

In the end, I would like to say that going for a premium version with full protection of your data and online activities, will not cost you more than two king-size burgers of yours. The choice is yours. If you have any queries, feel free to comment below.