How to Watch Squid Game Anywhere With a VPN?

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Last Updated: October 10, 2021

The South Korean survival drama Squid Game, is currently Netflix’s no.1 series right now. Squid Game was released on 17th September and within 4 days it became the most popular series on Netflix. If you are unable to watch it because Netflix isn’t available in your region then don’t worry, We’ve got that covered for you.

How to Watch Squid Game Anywhere in 3 Easy Steps?

1. Connect to a VPN: Connect to NordVPN because it is safe, reliable, and easy to use. On top of that, it has almost  5400+ servers in 59 countries with absolutely no-badwidth.

2. Choose a Server: Connect to a server in the US, UK, or in any country where Netflix is available.

3. Start Watching: Open the Netflix website from your PC or download Netflix from play store, buy one of its plans and start watching Squid Game.

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What is Squid game all about?

Netflix’s squid game has become a huge hit within days of its release. The series centres on a contest where 456 players, drawn from different walks of life but each deeply in debt, play a set of children’s games with deadly penalties for losing for the chance to win a ₩45.6 billion prize. The series is based on the idea of economic struggles early in life as well as the class disparity within South Korea. The nine-episode series was released on Netflix on Sept. 17. Squid Game has turned into the most famous Korean dramatization in Netflix’s set of experiences.

How to Watch Squid Game on Netflix Cheaper?

The video streaming giant Netflix is available in over 190 countries and still further developing its market in other countries. Though it is quite a bit expensive in plans. in the United States, a standard membership costs 13.99 U.S. dollars per month. But it is quite less expensive in some countries like Argentina, Turkey, Brazil, the Philippines, and India.
Let’s Have a Look at Some of the Plans:

Country Total Library Size Basic Plan ($/mo)  Standard Plan ($/mo) Premium Plan($/mo)
Argentina 4855 $3.28 $5.40 $7.87
Turkey 4466 $3.68 $5.58 $7.49
Brazil 4479 $4.13 $6.20 $8.65
South Africa 5308 $6.44 $9.04 $10.99
India 5500 $6.81 $8.85 $10.90
Indonesia 6264 $8.53 $10.88 $13.23
Malaysia 6361 $8.67 $11.14 $13.62

Now, How to get Netflix for a Cheaper price?

Well, you can easily connect to those countries’ servers mentioned above by using a VPN. This is how it works: when you connect to the internet via a VPN, your internet traffic will be routed to the VPN server and your IP address will be hidden. For example, if you connect to a server in Argentina using a VPN, Netflix will think that you are in Argentina and will show you the local price. We recommend you use NordVPN to connect to any countries you want and buy Netflix at a cheaper price.

Plan Price Deal
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How to Torrent Safely With a VPN?

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Last Updated: October 6, 2021
Downloading torrents from a torrent site is risky work because when you are unprotected you could unknowingly download spyware, malware, and viruses from the internet. Torrent sites are flooded with many ads and if you click on them mistakenly your computer could be infected. Not only that, when you are connected to a P2P(Peer to Peer) file-sharing network, your online activity essentially becomes public knowledge, and anyone with the right tools can track your activity back to you. So, the best practice is to always use a VPN while downloading a torrent or simply surfing it for security and privacy. VPN hides your IP address, your actual location, and your online activity making you completely anonymous to the world. It encrypts your internet traffic and also gives a boost in your downloading speed which is the most essential thing while downloading torrents. Here we will show you how to torrent safely with the help of a VPN in a detailed guide.

How to Torrent Safely and Anonymously With a VPN?

1. Download a VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) actually routes your data to its servers and assign you to a new IP address hiding your actual IP and location which will be completely anonymous to other users. So no one can track your activity online.

There are a lot of good VPNs available in the market but we recommend you download ExpressVPN because it is specially optimized for the best torrenting experience. ExpressVPN provides you the most security and privacy online making sure your connection is fully encrypted and masks your IP and location from anyone tracking you. Sometimes your ISP(Internet Service Provider) throttles your connection when they see you are trying to download a torrent file making your download speed slow. Also, torrent sites are banned in some countries across the world. ExpressVPN has ultra-fast servers in almost 160 locations. You can choose any of these fast servers and it will assign you to a new IP address based on that server location. It also has servers that are optimized specifically for torrenting, so they’ll be fast and secure to ensure your torrents download as quickly as possible.

2. Download a Reliable Torrent Client

Downloading a torrent from the torrent sites requires a specific application called torrent client. You can’t just download the torrent file straight from the site because a torrent file consists of many files from a different location. A torrent client puts all those files together and downloads them for you. You can acquire your file from the client once that finish downloading.

Now, there are lots of Torrent Client available on the internet. Here are 5 Torrent clients you can download.

  •  uTorrent: uTorrent is the most popular torrent client among users because of its simple interface and easy-to-use features.
  • BitTorrent: BitTorrent is designed for beginners who are new to clients. It has some features which is quite handy like its drag and drop feature.
  • Vuze: Vuze is also a popular torrent client with its good-looking interface and features like chat, forums, and magnet link support. It’s quite easy to use and user-friendly too.
  • qBittorrent: qBittorrent is an excellent torrent client with its easy-to-use features and it also shows no ads on the app which is quite good.
  • Deluge: It’s an open-source client but not easy-to-use though.

3. Choose a Good Torrent Site

There are many torrent sites available on the web. However, not all of them are secure, as they don’t offer genuine content. Instead, those files could contain malware, spyware, and viruses which is not good for your computer. Whenever you download anything from any torrent site you have to be sure that the content is genuine and verified. That’s why you have to choose a torrent site that is secure and verified. So you don’t have to worry about fake files and malware anymore.

Here are 5 Great Torrent Sites

  • Yify Torrents– Our Recommendation for Verified Content and Safety
  • 1337x
  • PirateBay
  • ExtraTorrents
  • Torrents

A good way of verifying your torrent is by using a VPN that has a built-in malware blocker. This will instantly alert you if you’ve accidentally downloaded malware in a torrent.

4. Download an Antivirus

Although VPN gives your protection in many aspects you should always have an antivirus installed on your computer. Antivirus protects you from any kind of malware, Cyber-attacks, and other things which is dangerous for your computer. When you are in a p2p file-sharing site you will be open to every kind of spooky thing, and anyone can see your online activity and IP address. So it’s best to use an Antivirus with a VPN to get an extra layer of security when you’re torrenting. I recommend using Avast or Norton as they offer great services.

Additional Tips While Downloading Torrent

1. Try Downloading Torrents with Higher Seed & Peers 

Always look for Torrents that have higher seeds and peers than the others. In a torrent file, the seeder means the one sharing a full copy of files with the users. And peers means how many people have downloaded that file. So the higher the seed and peer is, the lower the risk of downloading a  fake file or malware.

2. Download only Torrents Which are Verified

Download the torrents which are verified by the users so that they won’t contain any malware or spyware or any kind of bad surprises for you.

3. Read Users Review and Comments

Most of the good torrent sites allow users to leave comments and reviews on the torrent. Read the user’s review about the torrent file in the downloading section. They will warn you if that torrent contains any dangerous things.

Top 4 VPNs for Torrenting

VPN Servers Internet Kill Switch Deals
3000+ Servers in 94 Countries
2 Years at $6.67/mo
5400+ servers in 59 countries Yes
2 Years at $3.67/mo
3,800+ servers over 90 countries Yes
2 Years at $2.04/mo
6500+ servers in over 140+ countries Yes
2 Years at $2.91/mo


FAQs on Torrenting With a VPN

What Features Should a VPN Have for Torrenting?
To get the best privacy and security while torrenting you need to make sure that, that VPN provider doesn’t, keep a log of your data or a ‘no-logs policy.Speed is also an important aspect while downloading torrents. Because your ISP sometimes throttle or slower your speed when they see you are downloading a large file from the internet. So, choose a VPN that has speedy servers optimized for the torrenting experience. That way you won’t face any fall in your download speed while downloading torrents.

One more thing you should look for while searching for a VPN is that malware protection. Because while torrenting you are at risk of downloading malware and spyware from the internet.

No leaking, as you’d imagine, is also vitally important. Many media companies are now running networks of monitoring nodes that can join torrent swarms and collect IP addresses. So if you’re using a VPN that has leak protection, you won’t have to worry about being on that list.

Is a Free VPN Good for Torrenting?
A simple answer is NO! Most free VPNs have strict data caps from 500 MB to half-gig a month. Also, they will slower your download speed. Also, that VPN providers can keep a log of your data as they usually don’t have a no-logs policy. Free VPNs are great for using on public wifi but when it comes to torrenting you should always choose a VPN that is paid to get the most out of it.
Do I Need to Hide My IP Address While Torrenting?
Yes! Because in a p2p file-sharing network anyone can track your activity if you are unprotected. So you should always use a VPN to mask your IP address and online activity

How to Unblock YouTube Videos From Anywhere With a VPN?

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Last Updated: October 6, 2021
YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform today. From sports to music videos, news, films, YouTube has a huge variety of content. You can find almost anything on this site. Many people watch YouTube for study purposes, work purposes, or simply just to kill time. It’s available in over 100 countries and in 80 languages.

Why YouTube Videos Might Be Blocked In Your Region?

There are several reasons why YouTube videos might be blocked for you.

Censorship Rights: In many countries, the authorities censor their internet. So some content might be blocked for users. It may conflict with their local laws or moral codes, so they block some selective content. Like entire YouTube is blocked in China, whereas in South Korea only some content is banned.

Licensing Rights: Some contents might be blocked or restricted due to licensing rights. This means the content might be restricted due to copyright laws in some selected regions. Like if someone licenses their content to only show in India then it can’t be viewed by users from another country.

Network or School Block: In some cases, if you are in an office or a school YouTube videos might be blocked for you. It’s because the administration doesn’t want you to watch certain content or they simply don’t want you to waste your time watching YouTube. So they use a certain firewall to prevent you from watching YouTube. So, at some point, you want to unblock access to YouTube. Here we will show you how to unblock YouTube

How to Unblock YouTube?

Use a VPN: A VPN is the easiest and most effective way to unlock YouTube Videos. By using a VPN you can change your IP address easily, you just have to select a server location and it will assign you to a new IP based on that location. VPNs are a great option when it comes to online security and speed. With the help of a VPN, you can access anything from anywhere in the world without any hassle. Here we will show how to unlock  YouTube Video using a VPN

  1. Download a VPN: Nowadays there are many good VPN services available in the market, though we recommend you to use ExpressVPN as it is fast, secure and very much reliable. Just go to the ExpressVPN website, choose any plan of your wish, and get started.
  2. Choose a Server: Choose a server where the video is not blocked or restricted. For instance, if you want to watch a video from US the choose the US in server location. ExpressVPN has high-speed servers across 94 countries.
  3. After connecting to the server you can watch any videos without any restrictions.

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Use a Proxy: A proxy basically changes your IP address, so you appear to be in a different location in that way you can access any restricted or blocked videos. Proxy works similar to VPN but it is not a secure and reliable option. Most of the proxies do not encrypt your connection to the website, so the person behind the proxy server can access the data you are uploading to the website. And there are many more drawbacks to a proxy. So using a VPN to unblock YouTube videos will be a better option.

Read More: Why You Shouldn’t Use Free Proxy Servers?

Use Tor Browser: Tor is a browser that helps users to hide their IP and location to stop people including government agencies and corporations from learning your location or tracking your browsing habits. Based on that research, it offers a technology that bounces internet users’ and websites’ traffic through “relays” run by thousands of volunteers around the world, making it extremely hard for anyone to identify the source of the information or the location of the user. The Tor browser bundle can be downloaded from the internet, or the Tor browser app can be downloaded from the play store. Tor browser is created to bypass any restriction or any geo-blockage to access any website. Though it is relatively slow in speed and it has very low bandwidth. However, using a VPN with the Tor browser can be a very powerful security tool as VPN can encrypt your data and ensure that your online data is safe.

 Use a Browser Extension: There are several proxy browser extensions that you can install on your browser in order to unblock YouTube. These browser extension helps you to bypass any restriction on the site you want to view and give you access to that website.

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